Latest Google SERP Update Adult/Escort Niche – Penguin or Panda or Something Else?
September 02, 2016

Latest Google SERP Update Adult/Escort Niche – Penguin or Panda or Something Else?

Let’s discuss what impact has the latest Google update has made to improve the performance of search engine results on adult/escort websites

Only a name that has its tempo all across the world profitably is none other than Google specializing to help its users to enjoy hassle-free search experience and improve performance of their submissions. Though every update released from Google comes with same significance uttering to write unique content and create high quality themed links, you need to follow its exact guidelines covering SEO tactics for adult websites.

Usually, two updates – Penguin and Panda from Google play a vital role in SEO landscape. These have had the biggest impact to affect the way website gets optimized on Google by. Panda intends to help Google to follow and shut down websites that come with low-quality/duplicate content. On the other hand, Google employs Penguin to penalize such websites which contain unnatural/spammy/low quality backlinks.

What our SEO experts have analysed from yesterday is that there is a huge amount of fluctuations going on for all escort location keywords such as Manchester, London, Liverpool, etc.

Let us share some of the case studies done today regarding the update: which was ranking on page 2 for sometime now has come on page 1 today with keywords like Manchester escorts, escorts Manchester, escorts in Manchester, etc, this website was on page 4 for it’s main keywords – Hull escorts, escorts Hull, etc and today, they jumped to page 1. a VIP London escort agency, this website jumped from page 5 to page 1 today with keywords like VIP London escorts, VIP escorts London, VIP London escort agency, etc., an asian escort agency in London, this website dropped back from page 1 to page 2 with some if its keywords like asian escorts London, london asian escorts, etc, an escort agency in Bristol has dropped down to page 4 today, It was ranking on page 2 with keywords like Bristol escorts, escorts Bristol, etc and many more websites rankings have fluctuated today!

What we have analysed with today’s Google update is:

Websites that have created links more with their brand and branded keywords that direct anchors have pushed up in the Google rankings. And on the contrary, websites that are using direct anchor(s) as their main link building strategy and less on their brand and branded keywords, they have dropped in their rankings.

Secondly, more themed/niche related work has started giving values. We analysed this by checking backlinks of 2 escort websites that were ranking fine before today. The first website had it’s backlink history far more general i.e, all its backlinks were of general category like article post, directory submissions, classifieds, etc. And the second website had it’s backlink history very niche specific i.e, all its backlinks were created on escort/adult websites through escort agency listings, escort classifieds, escort banner exchanges, guest posting on other escort agency websites, etc. With today’s update, the first website’s ranking went down and the second one’s ranking improved.

That’s all we analysed so far, we request all the visitors to share your feedback and any analysis you might have done on today’s Google update.

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