How to start an escort business?

How to start an escort business?

4 October 2019

Are you looking for ways how to start an escort business? Launching an escort business of your own is your way to ensuring a successful, lucrative business venture as long as you are able to stand out from the competition in the modern escort industry. While starting an escort business might be as simple as launching an adult website, there are various aspects of the business venture that you need to keep in mind –right from the legal status of the business in an area, the location of operation, the team members, cost of services, and so more. At the same time, there are several perks as well once you know how to start an escort service legally.

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The biggest advantage of learning how to start an escort business is that you get to launch and manage your business right from home. It is a profitable business venture as you can come across a significant number of lucrative escort services across major parts of the world including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe, and others –all around the world. In fact, most of the countries out there have even legalized the escort services for the ease of both the business owners as well as the customers to avail the specialized services. In this guide, we aim at providing you an in-depth insight into starting escort business profitably.

Step 1 to start escort business

The legality of Escort Businesses

When you run an escort business, you are required to consider the obligations that you owe to the clients as well as the employees of your organization. For protecting your legal escort business, you should look into all possible legal issues as well as the necessary legal documents that you will require for running the business effectively.

Escort business is not just like any other business that you can simply register and start running over. There are several countries as well as regions of the world that put a ban on running an escort business. Therefore, before starting an escort service, it is important to know whether or not the escort business is legal in your region of operation. Once you are done with this, you will be required to choose a specific type of organization from the list of various business structures. You need to decide whether you will be running a partnership or a sole proprietorship of the business, a corporation, or an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Additionally, you are also required to keep a check on some of the important legal documents while starting an escort service. Here are some of them:

  • Privacy Policy & Manual: A privacy policy serves to be a legal contract between your business and the other person from whom you will be collecting personal information. The other person can be your client or the escorts in your business. To comply with the common escort laws in most countries, the privacy policy that you set out should inform about:
  1. The personal information collected by your business
  2. How your business aims at using the information
  3. The circumstances under which the information will be disclosed to the third parties

While the privacy policy is between your business & the clients, the manual serves to be an internal document between your escort business and the staff.

  • Terms of Use of the Website: If you are launching a website for running your escort company, the site should specify the Terms of Use that will aim at addressing the important matters including intellectual property rights, the limitation of liability for your website, and so more. At the same time, this page should also carry vital information like setting out the permissions as well as prohibitions when it comes to accessing & using the website.
    For your escort services, the website’s Terms of Use should specify that the visitors should be above 18 years of age. If they do not abide by the same, they should leave the site.
  • Contractor’s Agreement: Whether it is an escort or the receptionist at your escort business, you are required to present a contractor’s agreement between your business and the employees. Typically, the contractor agreement is between the escort business and the escorts. The escorts involved in the escort business should agree that they are willing to provide the services to the clients. In turn, you should agree that you will be paying them a fee for the services rendered by the escorts.
  • Employment Agreement: The employment agreement should be made between the escort business and the entire team of employees. The employment agreement is known to set out:
  1. The obligations and rights of each party
  2. Remuneration for the employees
  3. Ways in which employment can be terminated by both parties
  • Client Terms & Conditions: The terms & conditions section of the legal document between the business and the clients is known to create a binding agreement on legal terms –given the fact that the clients have gone through the same before availing the services. If you are providing escort services online, it is recommended that you initiate a box stating, “I have read the terms & conditions, and I accept it.” The client terms & conditions page that has been drafted carefully for an escort service business should specify the important parameters like:
  1. How & when the payment will be made
  2. The entire scope of escort services
  3. The respective obligations of the clients
  4. What the escort business is not liable for –including health problems of the clients or reputational or financial damage because of availing the services
  5. Your rights toward terminating the services to the clients

Step 2 to start escort business

Choosing a Business Name

Once you have decided upon the legal aspects of the escort business, the next thing to consider is the business name or website name for running your escort services. It is important to note that the escort business is a leisure business, and therefore, you should come up with an apt name for the same. As you would be dealing with rich, elite, VIP people of society, the name of your escort company should be catchy enough to garner the interest of the clients at first glance. Some of the high-end instances of attractive names for an escort business are Cupid Escorts, Adventure Escorts, and so more. If you wish to know more about the name for your escort business online, you can check its domain availability on or ask Mark of Wave69 to procure it for you (whatsappchat link)

Step 3 to start escort business

Business Plan & Roadmap

Irrespective of the type of business you wish to execute, a well laid-out business plan is of vital importance. As an entrepreneur in the field of starting an escort business, you are required to set down the roadmap ahead by evaluating the detailed business plan. A business plan typically serves as a blueprint for your business venture that aims at influencing the respective actions as well as decisions taken by your business enterprise.

While preparing the business plan for your escort company, some of the crucial questions it should answer include:

  • Type of Escort Services: As a business owner in the escort industry, you must be aware of the different types of escort services available out there in the industry. Depending on your availability of escorts in the team and flexibility of providing services, you should decide on the specific list of escort services that your company or business will be providing to the clients. There are various types of professional escort services out there –right from outcall services, massage services, trans-escorts services, GFE services, and so more.
  • Type of Escort Website: If you are thinking of taking your escort business to the online platform, you must design a proper, informative website for the same. While designing as well as developing the escort website, you should decide on the type of escort website you want for your business –an independent escort website, a male escort or an escort agency offering, or an online directory for searching escorts & agencies. You can contact us with your requirements or get a free consultation from our expert Mark – (whatsappchat link) Depending on your requirement of launching the specific kind of escort website, you should start over with information gathering and hiring a reliable website designing service provider to accomplish the task for your business.
  • Location: The place you choose to locate the escort service serves to be a critical indicator of its overall success. Indeed, densely populated areas are known to be more amenable in comparison to areas with less population or smaller towns when it comes to delivering escort services. At the same time, you would also like to search for an area in a given country or city offering a flexible as well as a friendlier approach towards operating an escort business. The specific location that you choose should have a high demand for escorts and should allow the escort business or services to run legally at the same time.
  • Long-term Goals: Every business venture out there tends to have a specific goal in mind. Whether it is short-term or long-term, you need to specify the business goals before entering the escort industry domain. Whether you wish to make it a part-time or temporary business venture for some time or you wish to become an escort or open agency when it comes to delivering escort services in a particular area, the long-term goals that you have also play a vital role in setting up your business.
  • Total Marketing Budget: Like any other field of marketing, escort marketing is also quite challenging. To combat the tough competition in the industry, you should set up a specific escort marketing budget annually right from the beginning. Analyze your escort advertising campaign –both online as well as offline marketing agendas, and interpret the annual budget for the same. Your detailed cost analysis for marketing your escort agency or business should include the overall costs like:
  1. Staff salaries or wages
  2. Budget for escort business marketing
  3. Insurance costs
  4. Equipping your office with the essential business prerequisites (computer systems, phone systems, and others)
  5. Operating costs
  6. Cost of setting up and running an online portal

Step 4 to start escort business

Website Design & Development

While deciding on the escort business website design and development, the first & foremost aspect to which you should pay attention is the overall attractive design of the portal. The portal that you design should be attractive enough to garner the interest of the clients online. They should be drawn to the images on your site along with the content & information that you aim to provide through your site. You should only aim at posting high-quality images to allure the clients. Moreover, the overall layout of your site should be easily navigable –allowing the clients to browse through your site easily.

In addition to drawing the attention of the clients with the utilization of high-quality escort images and rich content, you should also aim at enhancing the overall user experience through provisions of ultimate discretion, the safety of use, and the security requirements of the clients. The escort website that you design should contain all the prerequisites of the escort industry and should serve as a one-stop destination for potential clients in search of a hot, sexy escort on your portal.

Step 5 to start escort business

Analyzing the Requirement of Basic Website Pages

Whether you are designing a website on your own or hiring a professional escort website design company for the task, it is important to be clear about the basic pages that you would like to portray on the same. Some of the important website page considerations are:

  • Home Page: The home page for your escort business should feature all the important details including links to other pages of the site including gallery, about us section, contact us, blog, and others. You can make the home page for your site as attractive as possible to create the best first impressions on the client’s minds. It should feature attractive, high-quality images of the escorts along with the types of escort services that your agency will be offering to the clients.
  • Gallery: When it comes to running an escort business, the escorts are the selling points for your business venture. Therefore, you should not miss out on dedicating a separate web page named “Gallery” to your site. The main aim of the Gallery on your website is to feature the profiles of the escorts with your escort company. The gallery should feature important escort details including name, genuine image, contact information, and other vital details. The gallery of the website should be easily navigable and should entice the clients to not leave the page without selecting an escort for themselves.
  • Escort Details Page: While the Gallery of your website can feature the original photographs of the escorts with your company, you can create a separate page as “Escort Details Page” to give out basic information like name, types of specialized escort services, type of personality (sexy, naughty, fun, flirty), type of visitor preference, special skills or talents, and others. The ultimate goal of this page should be to allow the clients to get an in-depth insight into each escort profile to aid their selection process.
  • Rates: The pricing or rates page of the website should inform the clients of the rates (per hour or day basis) of the individual escorts. While some escort services might directly publish the rates for the individual escorts (depending on their demand & availability), others urge the clients to contact them via email or phone to know about the exact rates.
  • Recruitment: The escort industry is always on the lookout for sexy, talented escorts who can bring ultimate profits by satisfying the specialized demands of the clients. Therefore, your website should feature a special recruitment page to be accessed by aspirants in the escort industry. Those who are looking forward to working professionally as an escort can reach your escort company through this page.
  • Booking: Through the Booking page, you should allow the clients to get an insight into the overall booking process for hiring an escort from the website. The booking page should specify the details like the availability of different escorts, their preferred timings, when & how to make the booking, and the payment process.
  • Contact: You should also ask the website designer or development company to design a special Contact Us page for your escort website. Using the details on the same, the clients should be able to reach out to your portal easily.

In addition to the vital web pages that your escort website should feature, you can also consider including some add-ons like:

  1. Information about SSL security while accessing online services and making online payments
  2. Hosting information
  3. Online chat facility for ease of communication
  4. Blog section
  5. ROTA indicating the availability of each & every escort on the website –daily, weekly, hourly on a calendar basis
  6. Newsletter asking the clients to subscribe to your website through emails such that they receive notification automatically upon some update
  7. FAQs Page in which the clients get relevant answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the specific escort services offered by your company
  8. Search filters on the home page –allowing the clients to search the escorts or services based on location, nationality, name, gallery, and price
  9. Customer reviews from previous customers who have availed of escort services from your portal

Step 6 to start escort business

Content Writing

While posting high-quality images for your escort website is vital, the presence of rich, informative content is also of vital importance. For creating as well as promoting content on your site, you can consider hiring reliable services from a professional content writing service provider in the region. An escort design or SEO expert company like us (Wave69) can look after all your content marketing requirements while delivering expert solutions for the same. Content at both the web pages as well as the blog section of the website should be relevant and informative enough to the end users. Quality content costing starts from £50 per page.

Step 7 to start escort business

Escort Website Marketing

Now that your escort website is ready, it is time to market the same across the escort industry in the given region. You can either perform on-site SEO for your escort services online on your own or ask a reliable SEO expert to perform professional on-site SEO or marketing for your escort business online.


When you implement escort SEO marketing effectively, it will help in improving site traffic while leveraging the site’s potential to create valuable leads as well as conversions.

  • Self-Marketing: When you wish to venture into the idea of doing escort marketing on your own, it is vital to extract relevant answers to the important questions or queries to obtain an in-depth understanding of the respective business goals, targets, budget requirements, and so more. Here are some:
  1. Location of the target audience or clients
  2. Types of escort services your escort company provides (like massage services, full-time GFE, in-call & outcall escort services, dinner dates, Dominatrix, lap dance, PSE, and so more)
  3. Analyze the main competitors
  4. Targets concerning monthly bookings, monthly traffic, keyword rankings, and timeline to achieve the target
  5. Optional questions like average bookings daily and the average net profit on individual bookings
  • Hiring an Escort Marketing Company: If you wish to obtain the best results, it is recommended to hire marketing services from an escort marketing company. By doing so, you can be assured of professional results while allowing you to focus on other core areas of the escort business.
    Before you give escort marketing tasks to any marketing company, it is recommended to perform in-depth research in advance. Check their reviews, and try obtaining answers to the following questions:
  1. What is the marketing process?
  2. What are the inclusions as well as exclusions in the marketing package?
  3. Is social media important for escort marketing? How will you achieve the desired marketing results on social media platforms for my website?
  4. What is the payment procedure for your marketing company?
  5. What are the different types of marketing techniques for the escort industry?

Additionally, you can also ensure effective escort marketing with the help of online escort directories. These directories are responsible for listing a wide number of individual escorts as well as escort agencies such that clients can search for the desired escorts.

Step 8 to start escort business

Escort Recruitment

If you are looking for girls to work for your escort agency or business, it might appear slightly challenging in the beginning. Some of the expert tips that can help you with escort recruitment are:

  • Research: Just like any other business out there, it is important to research properly to know about the working procedure of the escort industry. Research relevant portals or directories from where you can search for the right escorts for your escort services.
  • Make Relevant Connections: As an escort business company, it is imperative for you to maintain relevant connections –both online as well as offline to get an idea of the availability of interested aspirants for the job. You can even search for potential escorts or call girls on the leading escort directories available online.
  • Browse Through Social Media: You can look forward to interacting with aspiring candidates or call girls online through the leading social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. These platforms enable you to interact with potential escorts as well as girls who are constantly working with a reliable escort agency. You can also consider placing a “pinned post” on the timeline of your social media channels to make sure that any request or advertisement for new call girls is seen by the target audience.
  • Referrals: If you have relevant connections with escort girls or other agencies, a great way of coming across recruits is to ask for their friends or acquaintances who might as well be interested in joining the escort industry. This is a highly effective method and works great for finding reliable, trustworthy girls who understand the value of the industry.
  • Paid Advertisements on Adult Sites: There are several adult sites out there that provide the ease of putting up paid advertisements for other agencies. For improved marketing as well as for recruiting escorts, you can put up paid advertisements on leading adult sites.
  • Find the Right Forums: You should never confuse quantity with quality. There are lots of forums boasting relevant memberships or a wide number of posts in a specific week. Find the online community in which your escort services specialize and advertise your services on the same. You can come across various job postings for escort recruitment on such forums.
  • Offline Marketing: While there are several ways to market your specialized escort services on the online platform, you can also adopt effective offline marketing methods to get the attention of aspiring candidates out there. You can put up advertisement banners or signs indicating that you are hiring in the famous city nightclubs or massage salons. To make sure that you are abiding by the local laws, it is important to check with the respective management before doing this kind of advertising.

Step 9 to start escort business

Escort Drivers Recruitment

When you are running an outcall escort service, the role of professional escort drivers cannot be undermined. Professional escort drivers are concerned with the job of escorting or transporting the escorts upon appointment to the desired destination from the escort agency. Hiring professional escort drivers for your escort agency is an important consideration. Before you hire a driver, you should do some relevant background checks to ensure the overall reliability as well as safety of services that will be delivered. It is considered great if the particular driver has worked for some other escort agency previously to do the task for your agency as well.


The escort industry is gaining huge impetus in the modern era. With more countries and cities legalizing escort services being delivered through a reliable escort company, it is high time that you consider launching an escort service based on the profitable figures.

We hope this guide will help you in creating and running an escort service successfully. We would love to receive genuine feedback such that we can improve where we lacked or missed out on any point.


Author : Mark

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