Interview with Michael Keane from Euro Girls Escort

Interview with Michael Keane from Euro Girls Escort

21 July 2020

Taking forward the league of the modern escort industry, Michael KeaneFounder of EuroGirlsEscort, aims at revolutionizing how the modern escort business takes place. Being a part of the timeless industry for several years in a row, Michael has been able to deliver his excellence to the field across a wide range of specialized escort services.

Since its inception, Euro Girls Escort by Michael has been providing unparalleled experiences to clients all across the world. Keane, through this website, aims to take a lead position in the escort industry with his meaningful insights into the industry and the in-depth knowledge that he has acquired over the years.

Reminiscing his beautiful journey into the escort industry –right from the beginning with Mark, Keane unfolds his secrets to being successful in this industry.

What is EuroGirlsEscort?What is EuroGirlsEscort?

Answer 1We are one of the largest escort directories in the world. We are a brand established for many years on the market and we represent international advertising in escort services at the highest level. From the beginning, we provided advertising mainly in Europe, but over time we have spread worldwide.

Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of work you did before starting this directory?Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of work you did before starting this directory?

Answer 2My name is Michael Keane, I am the founder of the Euro Girls Escort portal. In the past, I have worked in an IT company, specifically in the adult business. We were creating websites for escort agencies, porn websites, and my specialization was internet marketing and SEO.


After several years of experience in this field, I have decided to start this business myself and I have founded the EuroGirlsEscort portal.

What made you start this business?What made you start this business?

Answer 3For several years I was creating advertising for escort agencies and independent girls. I have advertised on many escort directory websites. Even then, I understood that there are hundreds of these websites on the market, but none of them meet the highest standards.


I realized that there is room to come up with a unique concept. A portal where you can find relevant information. A portal that is user-friendly for both advertisers and clients looking for escort services.


In 2013, I gradually put everything on paper, and at the beginning of 2014, we entered the market.

Which Kind of Clients & Client's deals you generally facing?What kind of Clients & Client deals are you generally facing?

Answer 4Our clients are escort agencies, independent escorts, and nightclubs. On the other side, there are customers seeking escort services. These clients can create accounts where they manage their ads or customers who have benefits in their accounts.


We also provide banner advertising. There is more space for other types of websites such as webcams or dating sites.

Have you ever encountered any conflicts with your clients and how did you manage to fix it?Have you ever encountered any conflicts with your clients and how did you manage to fix it?

Answer 5We can say that we have not had any serious problems so far. Minor problems are solved daily at the helpdesk, but these are problems of a more operational type. Based on feedback from the clients, we move forward and constantly improve our service. We also respond to market news.


Legal issues are problematic. We advertise in more than 120 countries around the world and sometimes watching the laws that may affect our business is very complicated. An example is the American SESTA-FOSTA law, based on which we were forced to close an advertisement in the USA. Another example is the prohibition due to coronavirus in the Netherlands. Here, too, we had to limit advertising, during the Prohibition period.

How do you promote your business to attract new customers?How do you promote your business to attract new customers?

Answer 6SEO is the most important part of marketing in this industry. The problem is that Goggle Adwords is not allowed for an adult industry, we cannot run campaigns on social networks or pay for offline ads.


Even though we live in the 21st century, there are still many limitations in the adult industry when it comes to advertising and there is no choice but to work hard and build quality SEO.

What are your plans & goals for the next 5 years?What are your plans & goals for the next 5 years?

Answer 7This year we have made a complete redesign of our website according to the latest standards. Our plan is also to launch another 6 language versions this year, namely sp, fr, ru, it, de, cs. The aim is to expand the scope and focus on local markets. We are constantly making weekly upgrades and moving the project forward.


Our task is to maintain high-quality content. Lots of scammers target websites like Euro Girls Escort. All major portals have to deal with fake and fraudulent advertisements. It’s not easy, fraudsters are getting very sophisticated and these ads are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. We’re constantly working to improve our system, and we’re working to filter out as many such malicious ads as possible.


Probably in this business, it will never be possible to get rid of such scams completely, however, it is necessary to keep the content at a high level. If 20 % of the ads were fraudulent, I doubt clients would return to you. Maintaining quality content is the biggest challenge.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting out, what would it be?If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting, what would it be?

Answer 8I don’t think any entrepreneur in the world would publish his know-how, right? But competition is needed to improve services. I could advise those who want to start such a business, that it is always important to have a good concept, otherwise, it can easily happen that all the work leads to a dead end.

In conclusion, is there anything else you would like to add?In conclusion, is there anything else you would like to add?

Answer 9Yes, I would like to conclude that EuroGirlsEscort is a platform that brings the highest quality of services to advertisers and also to clients who are looking for these services.


We believe that we have brought to the market a portal where girls and agencies can easily advertise, and make themselves visible for free or at affordable prices, and clients can again choose a preferred girl. We offer the possibility of filtering girls by review, height, weight, price, bust, and many other parameters. The system is very pro-client-oriented. I almost forgot, there is a PS escort section, where clients can choose their favorite PS.


We are constantly following the latest trends and constantly improving the EuroGirlsEscort portal. That is why we believe that we will continue to be a benefit in this sector in the future.

We would like to thank Keane for taking some precious time out of his busy schedule to address the latest trends and tricks to be successful in the escort industry.

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