Escort Website Responsiveness

Your most of the prospects will try to visit your website on their mobile devices. Be ready!

As per a Google survey in 2012, 76% of site visitors are more likely to return to mobile friendly escort websites. 61% were likely to permanently leave the sites which are not device friendly. 67% of prospective customers buy services from mobile-friendly escort websites. These figures have even increased more in the last four years since the survey was conducted. Moreover, Google has started penalising the escort websites which are not device-friendly and don’t morph according to the dimensions of the mobile gadget. The simple reason behind this is, Google will be ineffective if a large number of results displayed were useless for the mobile users. As a result, Google has started downgraded those escort websites which are not viewable on all the devices flawlessly. Professional web developers at Wave69 create mobile responsive escort websites and can also convert your existing one into a device-friendly escort website so that you can attain the pinnacle of your business by gathering more online audiences to convert into sales. Give us a call and we’ll send you a free no obligation demo of your mobile responsive escort website.

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