Babes of Dubai


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Babes of Dubai
Babes of Dubai
Babes of Dubai

Project overview

Babes of Dubai wanted a professional high-class escort website to show their quality services to all to visitors. Wave69 was able to design their website with a broad understanding and application of current web design software and practices.

Our approach

  • We designed their website using the most recent technology by developing front-end designs that give luxury digital Interactive experience to their clients.
  • Now more than ever, visitors want a delightful mobile website experience so our main focus is to make the website easily accessible for smartphone users.
  • In comparison to other competing websites, we give a higher level of functionality by applying our customized CMS solutions and accessible content.
  • We assess their current site (it’s current ranking, code, traffic sources, design, current site content management system, overall look, and easiness of navigation for an average surfer)then we provide them SEO services to get high-quality organic traffic to their website.

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