How to Build an Adult Website

19 October 2022

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In today’s world, adult content is a booming business, and using the right tools, tips, and tricks you can use the internet to increase your business and grow your revenue. It was found that 35% of all the internet downloads contained adult material and 30% of all the data transferred across websites is adult content. When it comes down to sales, porn and adult material attract a lot of opportunities and potential clients, and many entrepreneurs and business owners who have embraced these factors make an extremely comfortable living.

Creating an adult entertainment website is quite simple if you have the right knowledge, tools, and a professional agency to help you along the way. While there are millions of sites out there you need to narrow down on what makes your site unique and why users should invest in you.

Right from the correct niches, to your domain name, tastes, or even different features, here are some tips to get you started and set your site apart from the rest.


“Enjoy complete freedom as you build your next adult empire”

The types of adult websites

When it comes to creating an adult website, you first need to think of the type of niche or page you want to focus on. This can be a pornographic, escort, website site, fantasy forum, fetish page, or even erotic writing, depending on the specific interest you have, you need to focus on this when creating your website.

If you are looking for outside content then first focus on your niche, and allow your site to expand and grow your followers, you can then look for other material you require. Here are some of the many adult sites you can look into.

    • P*rn Tube Website – A Porn Tube website consists mainly of porn videos and sexually explicit content that mimics YouTube’s interface also known as tube sites. Sites like XAmaters are one of the most visited and highly watched websites on the internet and so if you are looking to make a huge profit off your site, then Tube sites come with a host of advantages. In addition to being popular, they also include a large number of free and paid tools as well as website themes, software, content generation, and other features that you can use for affiliate referrals, gated content, contests, donations, advertisements, and much more.
    • Adult Forum – An adult forum is a great place to share adult content like videos, information, or images and you can politely ask for the topic you are interested in or start a conversation, and you will get a reply. You can find forums of specific niches, certain conversations, or just a general community, forums, depending on the topic usually have a massive community and millions of followers and is a great place to focus on your niche tops as well as other categories you are looking to discuss.
      You can advertise content, start a topic about your niche and even create an account to get people’s views and how they feel about that topic.
    • Webcam Websites – Have you wondered why so many users keep flocking to adult webcam websites? After adult websites, webcam sites are the most profitable type of sites where models can earn a lot of money by chatting up or showing their clients what they want to see. The webcam business offers customers a more intimate and human experience making them move from recorded performances to live ones.
      When starting a webcam site, always have a clear idea of what your customers want and how you can attract them and keep them coming back for more.
    • Membership Sites – Not everyone is looking to pay to view certain adult content and this is exactly how a membership site works. Starting an adult business requires a lot of knowledge of the details that you require and you need to look into its advantages of it as well as be able to advertise your website across households, hotels, and other locations across the country.
      Certain weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions allow clients to first avail of a trial to your site and what it entails, and if they like your adult content, they can then subscribe to the service to be a premium member just like Netflix subscriptions to give you an example.
    • Adult Blog – Looking to start your adult blog can be a lot of fun but does take a lot of work. Adult blogs are places where people can write about adult-themed content along with images or videos. This can be done by getting some people to write blogs for you or doing it yourself, depending on your niche and what you require.
      You can engage with users on adult forums, leave links to your blog, ask for feedback, and more and this can help you connect with your clients and bring them to your site.
    • Dating Sites – Dating sites make it easier for people to meet and connect with partners, new relationships, hookups, and friends in a busy world. You can join for a casual encounter, look to meet the love of your life, or just make friends.
      As a savvy business person starting a dating site can be highly lucrative. This is especially true in today’s world when a lot of users are looking to online dating to find their next relationship or hookup making this quite easy to venture into.
    • Erotic Fiction Site – Fiction sites are crafted depending on what you’re in the mood for, this can range from short BDSM stories to poems, entire books, and even romance, threesomes, and much more.
      Most erotic sites have both professional and amateur writers who write from their point of view and this can range from steamy stories to subtle and minimal romance depending on how you create your site.
    • Escorting Sites – Erotic sites are widely available and allow users to easily service another location for promoting and selling escort services. This allows you to handle everything online and along with prior research, you don’t have to meet the escorts of your clients.
      Always check which areas are legal for escort services and adult business so that you can tailor your website to be discreet and classy instead of showcasing yourself as a service that explicitly sells sex.
    • Adult Marketplaces – Adult marketplaces allow people to sell anything from sexy lingerie to raunchy pictures and a whole lot more. Certain websites like  Kinkie have a range of features that allow you to choose what you want to sell, and the best strategy as well as may also have in-built advertising providers.
      While some sites offer promoting services, others may not, and paid customers can get special features like immediately texting, direct contact with retailers, and even a range of subscriptions to enjoy. You can pick the type of website you want and ask a professional team to help design the same for you as well as launch it so that all features and details are covered.

Make your website as stunning as you are in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Wireframe

Once you’ve narrowed down the niche or category you want to opt for you then need to create a certain structure for your website. Wireframe tools or software features are available online and can help narrow down what you are looking for, they help you manage your hosting service, offer you 99.9% uptime, and are designed to handle extreme traffic swings so that your site stays online no matter what. Using a wireframe gets you complete access and control over your site and you can upgrade or downgrade with just the click of a button.

Besides this, you also enjoy complete privacy to express yourself and safeguard your private space on the server. Your censorship will be secured as well and your data will not be shared with anyone. However, finding which one will work the best for your design can be tricky and you need to find a wireframe software that fits your budget and meets your needs. Here are a couple of options to consider when it comes to the best wireframe tools that more agencies use.

Adobe XD

Adobe software is one of the best tools for wireframing, collaboration, and even prototyping. You can sign up and design your very first application the way you like with its range of features.


Miro is quite popular to brainstorm, ideate, and interact with your presentations and along with this, it offers a range of versatile and helpful tools that can be used for wireframing.


This rapid wireframing tool is widely used by designers and agencies for websites and mobile applications that allow you to test and share ideas across devices and locations from start to finish.

Step 2: Design

The second step to undertake is to give your adult website the sexy makeover it deserves with a range of custom designs, templates, or a range of artistic prowess. Certain sites like Wave69 offer some of the finest website features you can find to make your site a grade-A bombshell. Right from branding to logo creation and layout, the design will help create the ideal beauty mark for your website and ensure that it stands out among the rest. This is done along with adult SEO services to ensure that your site is impossible to miss.

Here are some of the most popular design software for your site.


This programming language has been around for a long time and is well-known for its dynamic capabilities to change and switch up. It’s used for a variety of websites and it helps form the best for most front-end designs that are mainly used today.


HyperText Markup Language is also a foundational technology and helps to format documents and structure text for display on a web page as well as multimedia like videos and audio. This plug-in is added to every webpage and is required for instructing a web browser on how to display text, videos, and other content on the site.


CSS is now available in an upgraded version that offers more flexibility in layout, fonts, shades, and much more and is used for styling and presenting your website as well as tweaking the visual details of your webpage.

Step 3: Technology (CMS)

Want to start with the most advanced and user-friendly technology or platform to build your website? Over 64 million websites use a content management system allowing users to create and manage their website and content without having to code the features or design elements from scratch. Using the best CMS platform makes life a lot easier and the process seamless. This platform can be designed to handle big traffic, offer you all the tools and features you require as well as help you along the way with the best technical support ready to assist you.

Here are some of the many CMS platforms along with their best features.


More than 42% of all websites use WordPress software making it the most popular one for its flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. It comes with a range of plugins that allows users to create any type of site they require.


This open-source CMS offers more functionality and ease compared to other platforms as well as a host of multilingual features. Along with this, it’s also much easier for non-technical users to set up which can otherwise be challenging.


Drupal uses its built-in features to offer its users better support, performance, flexibility, and security as well as support other digital platforms. Websites built with Drupal enjoy higher traffic as compared to other sites making it a popular choice.

Step 4: Hosting & Domain Name

Once you’ve found a potentially lucrative adult niche, you then need to start brainstorming a catchy domain name. this should be a well-thought-out name that can capture your audience’s attention and bring in a lot of sales. Think of high-end sites or studios like Bang Bros that are easily recognized anywhere and picking out a good name can help you go far in this industry.

Even if your site is simple, a catchy name will bring in a lot of users and arouse curiosity, you can either pick a common name online or come up with one of your own that can help propel your site into the sky.

Here are some of the most highly ranked adult hosting providers.


One of the most affordable hosting providers on the market, Hostinger offers excellent performance along with delivering some of the best results and as long as your site’s content is legal you can create anything you want. This provider is also built with amateurs in mind and allows you to take advantage of its automatic setup for your site.


One of the best-known hosting providers, DreamHost is affordable, easy to use, and has plenty of features as well as strong security. As long as it’s legal, this site offers you a range of versatile tools that are designed with both experts and beginners in mind. This domain focuses a lot on safety and comes with firewalls, automated monitoring, and server backups.


HostGator is a great choice if you are looking for an adult site hosting provider. All their plans are inclusive with no extra fees along with good performance and ease of use. This hosting site offers an easy setup and is quite functional and seamless to use so you can create a nice landing page in a jiffy.

While there are so many providers out in the market, always look at performance, security, customer support, and ease of use before choosing one.


Looking for high-quality photo stock pictures? We’ll be glad to help you find them.

When it comes to looking for high-quality, professional photos, you need to look for websites that stand out in both functionality and popularity as well as offer you a large range of categories that are free to use and have some stunning images and videos. Remember the images you choose need to excite your audience and convince them to pick your site above all others.

Here are some of the criteria we use to rank the best images for your site.

The quality of the photos

Certain sites like Foleon offer both professional and amateur images that focus on all the important bits. This website has ranked as one of the best on all the sites and along with some other websites it focuses on quality and professionalism so that your customers will be in awe.

User experience

The best websites are easy to navigate, have a bunch of beautiful design features have a high rating on the user-friendly scale. Always look for a design that is user-friendly and has all of the content on the site instead of redirecting you to other sites. Customers don’t like being moved to other sites owing to threats, pop-ups, or security breaches.

Community features and filtering

Adult sites have hundreds and thousands of images and content and having a filter can help users choose the niche they want as well as the studio, age, and more. Always invest in a site that offers you sophisticated filtering along with a range of community features like comment, review, save, signup, and much more.

Website traffic

A good website will have a high number of monthly users and this can determine how popular your site is. The best sites rank high on the search engine and the higher your site is the most amount of people will visit it.

Glamor photography

A lot of websites will offer you a range of packages that you can pick from depending on how many pictures you want and the quality of each one. This can range from simple pictures that are easy and affordable to glamourous photography that is touched up, stunning, and will come the way you require for an added fee.

Most users’ first impression of a website comes from how neatly and professionally designed the page is including the videos and photos that are present and so if you invest in the best photos this can help you grab attention and get your message across. Stock sites are the best to get pictures but always do your research and pick the best ones for use.


Ignorance is never sexy: A guide to everything you need to run an adult business

 If you are building an escort agency website…

If you are looking to build a website for an escort agency then keep in mind that first impressions count and you want your clients to choose your site among thousands of others. Right from selecting the ideal images to professional web design and crisp content, this can help boost your presence and attract potential clients and convert them into loyal customers.

While there is a range of companies offering different designing services, look for one that can help you meet your needs and design a website that’s tailored to meet your preferences. Here are a couple of things to look for.

 Professional imagery

A great escort website begins with professional and outstanding images of escorts that help to show clients what you have to offer as well as display your escort accurately. Look for an expert that can help you design your site to be interactive and elite and come up with their concepts.

Simple and interactive design

Design is very important, right from navigating the users to various pages to the different tabs and it should be easy to use as well as interactive. This along with a well-planned and executed site can help you attract more clients and boost your sales.

Opt for a larger font size

The font is another aspect of a successful website and the right font can grab a reader’s attention, make them interested to learn more about your company, and focus on the product or service at hand. Smaller fonts can be tough to read and so most websites are now using larger fonts along with design to enhance their site.

If you are building a massage website…

Nothing beats an erotic massage or a hot body rub and if you are looking to start a massage website but aren’t sure how to go about it then it’s best to work with a professional who can connect with your story and create and design a website interface that’s clean, seamless, functional and easy to use. Clients want to know if the site they are opting for is reliable trustworthy and private and a professional can help you to design your website with a range of special features that allow customers to look for the masseuse they require as well as opt for a paid membership to initiate chats or emails.

Users look for certain choices such as body type, demographics, or even fetishes, and arranging them into categories as well as narrowing them down can help clients find what they are looking for. Professional designers will leave no stone unturned and will go to extreme lengths to ensure that your website is protected and that all your information remains discreet.

If you are building a porn website…

Porn has become quite popular in recent times and a lot of agencies and websites are making a lot of money from it. However, with so many websites online, you need to look for creative ways to beat the competition as well as create a site that matches your audience’s needs. while many websites opt for WordPress it’s always better to get your site designed by an expert as they can help you create everything you require from coding to design, imagery and much more as well as offer you a range of customizable features and plugins for your needs.

Some of the most useful and popular plugins and themes used on your adult WordPress site are VideoX, HubX, Obsession, Laurania, and more which are paid.

If you are building an adult directory or classified…

For an adult directory, you will require a stand URL as well as a domain and a simple cloud setup. Some people prefer using standard hosting services like Digital Ocean that are specially optimized for speed, affordable and scalable. You can also stick to WordPress if you are looking for a complete and custom solution as well as a range of plugins and themes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the load and site speed, you want your website to load in under a second so that customers don’t move on to other sites and one way to do this is to use tools like Pingdom that can help you find out how fast your site is. Another thing to keep in mind is that your content and images are SEO-compliant and have the necessary keywords so that your directory can rank higher on the search engine.

If you are building an adult forum…

A forum is a place where people can post messages, reply to shared content and even hold conversations about certain topics, trends, or videos. This is usually a community of people that form a group about a niche topic or even a general forum, each of these forums comes with its own set of rules that explain what they need to do and what it can post.

These spaces are sensitive to adult content and while you can post adult images and videos you need to find one that goes along with the legal requirements and rules of the forum.

If you’re looking to create your adult forum then work with a professional to design a script that’s specifically made for this purpose. Some of the scripts that can readily be used for adult forum content are XenForo and vBulletin, which are paid, and Mybb and SimpleMachine which are free.

If you are building an adult eCommerce site…

With the onset of the pandemic, shoppers left offline stores and turned to eCommerce stores for all their adult needs. eCommerce stores offered customers discreet delivery, outstanding customer care, and the ability to shop privately from their homes without any judging eyes. An online sex store is a niche business and you need to show customers that your store is above the rest when it comes to buying adult products and services.

This means holding high-quality products along with an excellent website that’s easy to navigate and checkout, and holds a range of payment and delivery options as well as a range of products to suit your customer’s needs. A turnkey scrip such as xMarketplace allows you to set up an online store and even use integrated shipping for a host of products on your website. It comes with a private and secure access code so that you can just pay once and not again and again for running your business.

 If you are building an adult marketplace …

When it comes to dipping your feet into the world of selling services and lewds online there are a lot of steps you need to take for success. No matter what new app or site you are looking to invest in there’s a lot of work to do and challenges to overcome before you even touch a camera.

Keep track of your expectations

While selling adult pictures online can be easy money, you need to understand what being a creator includes. Certain sites like OnlyFans make a whopping among of money each month and each of their models understands what it takes to wow their customers and keeps their expectations high. You will need to keep a track of the accounting, marketing, product, talent, and much more all-in-one to succeed.

Along with this also note that security is very essential and you need to use two-factor authentication, run certain privacy checks, and much more to keep you safe.

Interaction with your followers

The whole point of customers paying good money for this service is the interaction and emotions that come along with it. Clients don’t mind paying or subscribing for your models but there are certain things you need to do, right from creating social accounts with your handle or even a Wishlist with products you want to connect to your clients. Each of these sites needs to be censored so that you don’t get banned.


Produce varied content

Always look for professional agencies that can help you create high-quality content and charge accordingly so that you never sell yourself short.


If you are building a tube website

With ready-to-use scripts and CMS, building a tube site has become much easier and has transformed the way users watch adult content. This allows them to interact with each other, share their feedback and experiences and even upload content. While you can use WordPress to transform your site into an adult tube site you need to look for a special and premium adult plugin that can help you efficiently and seamlessly convert your site.


Certain plugins and themes like PornX are a great solution to help you create highly tailored streaming software and bring in a ton of users while increasing your return on investment.


If you are building an adult blog…

Adult blogging is a highly lucrative business for people that understand how to blog and most people will discuss adult topics rather than lewd content to make it more interesting. Certain popular and free blog scripts such as Blogger allow you to upload on your server and then sign up on a WordPress site which is great for people just starting. Once you have narrowed down what your niche topic is, how you plan to go about it, what to write about, and more, you can include various pictures or videos to keep the reader glued to your content and interested.


Some adult blogs even have a premium setting that allows you to read a couple of articles free and then subscribe to read the rest.



Get your adult website without a worry with Wave69

Creating an adult website may not be as easy as it sounds. However, all the hard work will be worth it once the revenue starts flowing in. Always keep the above points in mind and remember to determine your platform, narrow down on your domain name, decide on a hosting plan and your theme and build and create interesting content.


If you’re looking for a premium and bespoke adult website design and SEO service provider then Wave69 can help you. This professional company offers an extensive range of adult marketing and design services for all kinds of businesses and creates a site that stands apart from the crowd. They are dedicated to using the best tried and tested techniques to make your website better. Be sure to contact them if you are looking to create a great site of your own.



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