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24 September 2018

Wave69 UK takes pride in informing that its client Courtesan Ellie ( is now on page 1 of the Google search engine results page (SERPs) for the keyword independent escort London. This feat was not easy, but Wave69 managed to break the shackles and ensure our client’s website is listed on the first page for this particular term, leaving behind millions of other websites vying for the same keyword.

independent London escort Competition

Wave69 is a web design and SEO agency that works with the adult industry in the UK. We specialise in working primarily with the escort industry and have more than nine years of experience in designing and creating bespoke escort websites.

Our team of graphic and website designers are renowned for their artistic abilities and they know the pulse of the industry well to come up with eye-catching website designs that increase footfalls.

We have a team of dedicated in-house adult content writers, who specialise in writing stimulating and vibrant content, without being vulgar or unsophisticated. Our SEO team works in close coordination with the content writers to come up with the right keywords. It is this coordination and teamwork that helped us achieve first page ranking for for the term independent escort London.

Courtesan Ellie

While we do cater to the escort and adult industry, we have set high standards that our clients appreciate. We ensure utmost discretion and maintain our clients’ privacy. If we have to mention them in a business meeting, we take prior written consent from our clients.

We work with escort agencies, independent escorts, adult directories and e-commerce stores catering to adult toys and paraphernalia. Our customers value our expertise and professional practices that allow us to be the best SEO agency in this field.

A senior executive at Wave69 UK said that the company excels in working towards achieving client goals and that is evident from the Page 1 ranking that Courtesan Ellie has achieved for independent escort London.

He pointed out that the escort industry is extremely competitive and this makes it difficult for SEO agencies to achieve the feat that Wave69 UK has achieved. That is why it is an accomplishment that the company is extremely proud of and would like to share its happiness.

Wave69 UK has been providing customised escort website solutions for years and this experience has allowed us to hone our expertise and skills so that we can seamlessly cater to our clientele without a hassle. Our escort SEO is second to none and we have set benchmark for other agencies to follow and practice.

Author : Mark

Mark is the Marketing Head of Wave69 #1 Escort Web Design and SEO Marketing Agency out there. Mark started out as a SEO executive and now with more than 13 years experience in the adult industry, he has become a Guru in the escort SEO niche. His highlight was ranking 9 out of 10 sites on page 1 of Google for the keyword "escorts in Manchester". Contact him on WhatsAppEmail or Call

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