How to Become a Male Escort

How to Become a Male Escort? – 7 Mantras Reveal

8 May 2020

Becoming a male escort can be quite challenging at times, especially when there is such a higher demand for female escorts. To start off, you can advertise yourself, go to clubs, socialise and interact with women with confidence. In short, make a strong presence to start building your clientele. If you think you are bold and handsome enough and that you love enjoying some intimate moments with women, then a male escort profile would be the right choice. But before you start a male escorts career, you need to know certain things in order to become successful in the adult industry.

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    Table of Content

    1. Mantra #1 – You must be well-groomed
    2. Mantra #2 – You must be well-mannered
    3. Mantra #3 – You must possess good conversation skills
    4. Mantra #4 – Your preferable age is 24 to 50
    5. Mantra #5 – You must be attentive and courteous at all times
    6. Mantra #6 – You should know the value of time
    7. Mantra #7 – You should understand women
    8. A little extra is always good
    9. List of top escort agencies

    Let’s make you ready to become a male escort uk with 7 mantras –

    Mantra #1.
    You must be well-groomed

    After all, first impressions do matter! You cannot expect to impress a woman with a messy appearance. Also, you need to maintain a properly toned and fit body to attract the other sex. Always know that a woman won’t get satisfied very easily!

    Mantra #2.
    You must be well-mannered

    Learn to respect your partner. Be polite, kind and generous. Never use cuss words, unless, of course, your girl is comfortable for it. Also, you need to

    Mantra #3.
    You must possess good conversation skills

    You must be able to converse with your client confidently. You must also know how to present yourself properly and decently, both online and offline.

    Mantra #4.
    Your preferable age is 24 to 50

    This is the most preferred age group that women like to date or spend the night with. While some women favour younger men, others might find the elder ones in their late forties or early fifties more handsome, perhaps for their years of experience.

    Mantra #5.
    You must be attentive and courteous at all times

    Your partner should not feel that you are off the track or not quite interested in her. Make her feel that at that moment, she is the only one in your life. As per the studies, 90% of the success of the male escort industry lies in companionship.

    Mantra #6.
    You should know the value of time

    Be punctual and never arrive late. In short, never make your client wait for you. She might get disappointed, and worse still, she might cancel the appointment.

    Mantra #7.
    You should understand women

    You must learn how to satisfy a woman’s needs, both physically and mentally. Observe the personality type of your client closely and understand her body language. Try to understand her needs and desires and work on fulfilling them. Also, make sure to keep your romantic touch updated in order to succeed in male escorting.

    A little extra is always good

    Apart from the above ley skills, to become gay or straight male escort, the following unwritten prerequisites are also necessary –

    1. Self-control
    2. Patience – The slightest provocation might make you lose your clients!
    3. Be confident
    4. You must know the women body really well
    5. Control your emotions – Make sure not to fall for any woman!
    6. You need to follow self-hygiene measures


    However, no matter how skilled or qualified you may be, you must be prepared to face nerve-wracking situations in the first few meetings with your clients. Once you succeed in overcoming that, you are good to go a long way!

    So, if you think you have the abovementioned skills, you are ready to enter the male escorting industry. Contact with the most popular agencies today.

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    Did we miss out on any tips on how to become a male escort? What is your story of starting a career as a male sex worker? Share your thoughts and experiences, and we will feature your story.


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